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How could you get your own Nissan GT-R Nismo


That’s right, you could get your own Nissan GT-R Nissmo or other Nissan cars with few simple tricks given below.

1) Go to

2) Select your favorite model (The GT-R and Fiarlady Z Nismo’s are my favorites)

3) Download the No color PDF or GIF file

4) Once downloaded, you can color your car using MS Paint or any other software,cut out the outline and simply share it on your social media platform. Nissan GTR Car Papercut out
You can even color the car after the the cut out with crayons.

Once done, you can stand a chance to win the actual car that you’ve made by Nissan. So in the end there’s a chance of you driving home a FairLady Z.

You can get you Nissan GT-R Nismo here

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