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The Perfect BMW M3, Oops I Mean The New M2 Competition


The New BMW M2 Competition with M3 engine, what we always wanted

Just a quick look the specs

  • 3.0-liter in-line six SS5
  • 410 horsepower with 550 Nm
  • 0 -100 kph takes just 4.4 seconds
  • Manual transmission

A perfect way to make an remarkable car even better, It’s a win-win situation as enthusiasts get a more-powerful M2 with a real M engine, and BMW gets a car it can actually sell.

From a technical point of view the most important change takes place under the bonnet, where a completely new engine development of the TwinTurbo in-line six-cylinder S55 will be used. The motor variant for the BMW M2 Competition delivers 410 hp and offers more than 500 Newton torque (370 lb-ft). Of course, the engine is equipped with a particulate filter right from the beginning and meets all foreseeable emission requirements in connection with WLTP and RDE.

Due to the increase in output of around 40 hp, the standard sprint will be improved by at least a tenth of a second than the 4.3 seconds in today’s M2 with the 7-speed DCT.

The BMW M2 Competition looks more aggressive, sharper driving, more powerful version of the M2. It doesn’t seem to be a full-on E46 M3 CSL or anything as hardcore as that, but that could also mean that it shouldn’t lose that delicacy and balance we love in the standard car. We’re hoping it stays as playful as the M2 we know and love, while just gaining a bit or a rawer edge. If BMW pulls that off, it might just have created a new future classic.



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