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World premiere of Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Vernissage

Mercedes-Maybach has officially revealed their latest concept, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Vernissage. The concept is a cross over between high-end saloona and SUV combining style, comfort and strength. 
Mercedes-Maybach have stated that the Vernissage will have an electric powered engine with compact permanent-magnet synchronous motors that will offer full variable all-wheel drive. The output is an astonishing 750 horsepower. Under the hood, the battery is around 80 kWh, producing a range of over 500 kilometres, top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h.



The striking chrome plated vertical bars forming the grille and the sleek headlights and the red color remind us of the Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept. The raise in the height shows the combination of the SUV and saloon concept with huge 24-inch wheels.


The interior is where it really sets itself apart as it has focused on the passengers. The car is designed keeping thoughts that it would driven by a chauffeur as things are more posh for passengers as they get two sculpted Mercedes-Maybach style recliner seats finished with flowers and rose gold styling.

It’s pretty clear as Mercedes-Maybach is keen to make a proper road car in the future as  rival Rolls Royce’s Cullinan will be the competitor. Concept cars like such show us that their designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of possibilities


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