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LaFerrari Spider, Currently The Hottest Car On Planet Earth


It is said that the Italian manufacturer held a private event  this weekend to showcase LaFerrari Spider to customers. 

LaFerrari Private Event Invitation box Autos of the Future

The package above sent to shooter D. Benoit shows a design of a topless LaFerrari. We were waiting for this to happen as, numerous reports and rumours had indicated such model in renders depicting one of the coolest and the hottest cars on the planet. After the F50, LaFerrari Spider will be the only topless mid engine V12 Ferrari flagship.  There is still no info about the roof configuration, but it would be brilliant if it had a portable hardtop like the 918 Porsche or the Koenigsegg’s. Ferrari is planning to make only 150 units of LaFerrari Spider, but the numbers may go up to 200 units.

It is also said that the FXX K customers would be given first preference to car. The delivery is expected to start from June this year. Technically the specs would be remain the same as LaFerrari. Power combined from both petrol and electric motors giving the output of 950bhp with 7 speed dual clutch gear box and 0 to 100kmph might be less in 3 sec.

LaFerrari Spider Designs Autos of the Future

Note: The image shown of the cars is a digital rendering

(Pics Source: Automotive Passion (D. Benoit), rendered pics to their respective owners)


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