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BMW’s Vision Next 100 Concept to Celebrate their 100 Years of existence


BMW is now 100 years old, 7th March 1916 the company was founded and to celebrate the occasion the german car manufacturer revealed their new concept vehicle, the BMW Vision Next 100  at the Moosacher Straße 66 (Munich).

BMW Vision Next 100- Autos of the Future
BMW Vision Next 100-1 Autos of the Future
BMW Vision Next 100- 3 Autos of the Future
This machine from the future highlights its “Alive Geometry” which changes the interior and the exterior shape of the vehicle by 800 moving triangles which can visible on the instrumental panel and at the certain areas of the side panels.  The company also claims that the BMW Vision Next 100 will be produce by modern production techniques such as 4D printing and rapid manufacturing. The car will also has a digital companion which acts as a digital assistant for the car and the driver. This is not the first time when BMW has used the shape-shifting technique, the BMW GINA light visionary model which had a fabric-skin was one of the concept which BMW made in the early 2000.

Unsere_Ausrichtung_Zukunft_1 BMW digital companion Autos of the Future

Unsere_Ausrichtung_Zukunft_Triangles BMW Vision Next 100 Autos of the Future

BMW Vision Next_Feature_Ease_6_1 Autos of he Future BMW Vision Next 100 _Feature_Ease Autos of he Future

Unsere_Ausrichtung_Zukunft_3- Autos of the Future

The Vision Next 100 will be having two operating modes, Boost mode and Ease mode. The Boost mode will make the driver take the charge of all the operations, while the Ease mode will shift the vehicle into piloted drive mode

Checkout the video below

(Pics: BMW & Verge)
(Video: Emerging Magazine)

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